Paar zierliche Louis XVI Stühle mit sog. „Drachenblut“-Malerei, Italien, um 1780

Exceptional set of four dark red varnished side chairs decorated with a gilded frieze scene. The wide curving back with frieze decoration and the raked and canted front and back sabre legs based on the ancient Greek klismos, known from Greek Classical vases and carved stone reliefs. The decorative scene on the back depicting two winged serpents centered by a laurel wreath. The meaning of the scene can be connected to the surface varnish decoration of the chairs. It is been assumed that the varnish resin used is the so called ‘dragon's blood’, a resin of a dark red varnish quite commonly used by 18th century Italian violinmakers and cabinetmakers. The laurel wreath symbolizing Apollo who slew the dragonlike serpent of the oracle in Delphi - the subtile indication of the material used in the narrative of the decoration adds to the charm of the design and represents the level of sophisticated craftsmanship in 18th century Italy.

PERIOD: Louis XVI, ca. 1780/Louis XVI, circa 1780
PLACE OF ORIGIN: Italien / Italy
MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Holz lackiert, bemalt und partiell vergoldet / paintwood, giltwood, varnished
CONDITION: Gut. Alters- und Gebrauchsspuren. 1 Stuhl mit alter Reparaturstelle.  / Good. Overall with the usual minor nicks, scuffs, bruises and wear. Frieze decoration of different wear and abrasion. Chairs in consolidated sound condition. One chair with an old repaired break.
HEIGHT: 32.68 in. (83 cm)
WIDTH:  18.5 in. (47 cm)
DEPTH:  17.72 in. (45 cm)
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