Aussergewöhnlicher Armlehnsessel in der Art des Andrea Brustolon, Venedig, 19. Jh.

A large armchair of carved walnut, stained dark brown, with theatrically carved arm supports depicting neoclassical figures supporting the serpentine scrolling arms each carved with recumbent putti figures looking skyward. The front legs with expressive lion paws, an undulating x-shaped stretcher centred by an urn. The high arched and heavily raked back and seat upholstered in tapestry fabric. The back legs and the back stretcher are simpler in their execution and undecorated. The exuberant and theatrical carving became a hallmark of Venetian furniture of the Baroque period. The florid and flambuoyant style is often associated with the 17th century Venetian sculptor Andrea Brustolon (1662-1732), the most famous master carver at this time. He became widely known for his elaborately carved suites of furniture, which he produced for members of the Venetian nobility. His walnut and ebony pieces with gnarled branches and Moorish figures as supports were prized for their novelty and craftsmanship, and examples of his work, principally from the Palazzo Venier di San Vio, are in the Ca' Rezzonico in Venice. Brustolon's style of carving was so popular that it continued to be imitated until the end of the 19th century, a time in which the revival in taste for Italian Renaissance and Baroque furniture led to a high demand for pieces of this type. The workshop of of Valentino Panceria Besarel (1829-1902) was well-known to have worked in this fashion. Comparative literature: Honour, Hugh: Meister der Mo¨belkunst – von der Renaissance bis heute, Herrsching 1976, p. 64-69, fig. p. 65 Christopher Payne: European Furniture of the 19th Century, Woodbridge 2013, p. 426 and p. 430.

PERIODE/OF THE PERIOD: Italien,Venedig, Barockstil, 19. Jh./ Italy, Venice, Baroque Style, 19th ct.
MATERIAL/MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Nußbaum geschnitzt, originale Polsterung mit Gobelin / Carved walnut, original gobelin fabric upholstery
ZUSTAND/CONDITION: Exzellent.  Min. Gebrauchs- und Altersspuren. /Excellent. Wear consistent with age and use. Minor losses, minor fading
120 cm (47.24 in.)
  45 cm (17.72 in. )
81 cm (31.89 in. )
 TIEFE/DEPTH: 68 cm (26.77 in. )
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