Französischer Meister: Großes Stillleben mit Sommerblumenstrauß, ca. 1750

This painting shows an opulent bouquet of various summer flowers arranged in an earthenware vase on a table. The painter depicted roses, mimosas, ires, dahlias, lilacs and others, some in full blossom, some fading. The rich combination of textures and tones contrasts with the plain dark background, it draws upon the Netherlandish tradition of still-life, which came to a climax in the 17th century. The decorative display of flowers does not appear to carry any specific symbolism, the fading flowers may represent a vanitas (memento mori) aspect, reminders of human mortality and invitations to meditate upon the passage of time. The painting has been signed with initials F.P. (?) on the bottom right. Painting dimensions: 85 cm x 70 cm.

OF THE PERIOD: France, Louis XV, mid. 18th ct.
MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Oil/Canvas, Frame: Gilt Wood
CONDITION: Wear consistent of age. Minor fading.
104 cm (40.94 in.)
WIDTH: 87 cm (34.25 in. )
DEPTH: 5 cm (1.97 in.)
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