Großes, zeitgenössisches Spiegelobjekt „Wall of Mirrors“, Cornelia Laufer/Berlin, 2018 – UNIKAT!

Cornelia Laufer Wall of Circles, 2018 Aged mirror panes on wood Measures: Height 101 cm (39.7 inches) Width 77 cm (30.3 inches) Depth 5 cm (2 inches) One-of-a-kind piece, signed on the back. Cornelia Laufer studied surface design and conservation of decorative surfaces at the The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design in London. Although originally trained as a painter, she focuses now on mirror glass as her favorite medium. Inspired by the metallic character of the aged mirrors she is drawn to surfaces shaped by time, enriched with the complex patina of time and life. Laufer creates three dimensional wall pieces, exploring patterns and reflections. She lives and works in Berlin. The Wall of Circles is attached to a fine wooden construction. The shape is influenced by the designs and work of her artist grandfather Prof. Guenther Laufer (Kunstgewerbeschule Burg Giebichenstein, Halle an der Saale/ Germany). She translates a design made originally in metal for mirror glass playing with the additional dimension of reflection.

PERIODE/OF THE PERIOD: Cornelia Laufer, Berlin, 2018
MATERIAL/MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Gealterte Spiegelplatten auf Holz/ aged mirror panes on wood
HÖHE/HEIGHT: 101 cm (39.77 in.) 
77 cm (30.32 in. )
 TIEFE/DEPTH: 5 cm (1.97 in.)
Price Upon Request