Kommode, Transition, Paris um 1760, Denis Genty (maître-ébéniste 1754) zugeschrieben

A magnificent gilt bronze mounted kingwood and amaranth parquetry commode with a shaped moulded mottled rouge marble top with rounded corners, above a frieze drawer (devided into three) and two long drawers of break-front form inlaid with trellis work parquetry and strapwork, with a shaped apron mounted with strapwork and festoons, on cabriole legs with gilt bronze sabots. The parquetry of the two sides (marquetry de quatre feuilles) and the marquetry of the rounded corners imitating fluting (de cannelures simulees) appear to be similar, if not identical to the marquetry of a Louis XV encoignure by Denis Genty (maitre 1754). See: Pierre Kjellberg, "Le Mobilier Français du XVIIIe Siècle," Paris, 2008, p. 398, pl. c. Denis Genty was regarded as one of the foremost Parisian furniture makers and dealers to supply the rich and aristocratic social elite. He was received as a maître-ébéniste on 13th March 1754. Genty counted among his clients the cream of society such as Madame de Pompadour, the marquise de Houchin and de Vauvray, the marquis de Nesles and de Chambonnas as well as the comtesse de L'Hôpital. Despite such aristocratic connections and a flourishing business, his considerable expenditures soon forced him into bankruptcy in 1762. Genty never recovered from this and thus subsequently sold his business to Louis Moreau.

OF THE PERIOD: Transition
MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Kingwood, Amaranth, Gilt-Bronze
CONDITION: Excellent. Wear consistent with age and use.
HEIGHT: 37.01 in. (94 cm)
WIDTH: 4 ft. 2 in. (127 cm)
DEPTH: 24.8 in. (63 cm)
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