Kupfer-Wasserreservoir/Wandbrunnen mit Becken, Frankreich, 18. Jh.

An 18th century copper repoussé fountain which was originally mounted on the wall inside the home. This Louis XVI period piece features a semicircular basin or lavabo and a fountain with lid and with its original bronze spigots and zoomorphic turning knobs. The lid with two bronze ball finials. From an era when interior running water was non-existent, this piece was used for washing vegetables, utensils and hands in the kitchen. Fountain: Height 52cm, Width 35 cm, Depth 19 cm Basin: Height 26 cm, Width 54 cm, Depth 48 cm.

PERIODE/OF THE PERIOD: Frankreich, Louis XVI, 2. Hälfte 18. Jh./ France, Louis XVI period, 2nd half of 18th ct.
MATERIAL/MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Kupfer, geschlagen und getrieben / Répoussé Copper
ZUSTAND/CONDITION: Gut. Gebrauchs- und Altersspuren / Good. Wear consistent with age and use. Minor fading.
52 cm (20.48 in. )/26 cm
35 cm (13.78 in. )/54 cm
 TIEFE/DEPTH: 19 cm (7.49 in. / 48 cm
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