Paar außergewöhnliche Ziervasen mit Schwanenhenkeln im Louis XVI-Stil, Frankreich, um 1860

The white marble could not be any whiter - no vein, no voids, the choice of material is perfect. If one tries to lift one of the vases - they are extremely heavy - it becomes very clear that we handle a solid piece of marble. The pair of vases are a true objet d'art, even if the pierced lid might initially suggests the function of a potpourri, a fragrance vessel. The perfect white polished marble requires equally high quality bronze mounts: finely chiseled and well-proportioned ormolu applications with classical ornamentation. Attached to the narrow neck of the balusters are swan necks issuing from acanthus leaves and bending down to grab the end of floral festoons to form handles. The festoons are in turn secured with low-hanging ribbons, in a typical neoclassical fashion. The whole is resting on square marble plinths with ormolu mounts depicting again purely classical motifs such as ribbons bound laurel wreaths and leaf moulding (lesbian Kyma). The vases relate to a group of similar vessels of the 19th century, which derive from a Louis XVI model from 1780, but differ in proportion and quality of its mounts. They share a similar designed baluster and the idea of ​​the swan necks as handles, yet the bronze casting in our items is of highest quality with finely chiseled details evident in the exquisite execution of the swan’s feathers or in the vivid elaboration of the pine cone finial. Once the pair of vases must have been a stylish eye-catcher, maybe placed on a mantel within a Louis XVI interiors of French historicism. Literature: Hans Ottomeyer and Peter Pröschel: Vergoldete Bronzen. Die Bronzearbeiten des Spätbarock und Klassizismus, Munich1986, Volume. 1, p. 315 (swan neck vase, circa 1870) and p. 259, Illustration 4.7.12 (Girandole, circa 1780) Grisebach Auktionen, Orangerie Spring 2016, Berlin 2016, Lot 375

OF THE PERIOD: Louis XVI Style, ca. 1860
MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: White Carrara marble, ormolu
CONDITION: Excellent. Expertise and condition report available on request .
55 cm (21.65 in)
DIAMETER: 20 cm ( 7.87 in. )
Price Upon Request

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